ADI&C Group has regestered in Canada for over 11 years since 2008. We have a head office in Vancouver Downtown-CBD closed to BC court. ADI&C is cooperating with professional consultants and legal experts over 20 years experience. We provide practical, effective and comprehensive business solutions to our clients groups around the world.

Our reputation of successful  clients speak for themselves. We pride ourselves in helping individual, investors and businesses - our accredited advisors and consultants come from an impressive range of global background, which would ensure you approach the successful goat in BC of Canada.

ADI&C has merged the business of All-Can Immigration Services Center at 2016, for extending to  larger clients' group, as well as practicing to more business areas including of int'l educations and tourism business. ADI&C enhances the co-operations with ADI&C's Asian Agencies in China, Taiwan, Hongkong and Korea, etc. Cooperating with Global Phoenix Development Corp, we keeps developing the business in both Commercial and individual areas. We are proud of to be the bridge to link  people from multicultural groups.

Our teams members include:

* Certified Business Consultants and PR Experts;
* Certified Wealth & Assets Advisors, Investment Analyzers;
* Qualified Translators, Interpreters, Notary Assistance;
* Career Training Tutors, HR Trainer  and New Immigrant  Advisors; 
* Professional Education Advisors and Student Consultants;
* Experienced Travel Consultants and Touring Planners;
* Licensed BC Lawyers, Visa consultants and legal experts;
* Professional CGA and Licensed Accounting & Tax Planners;
* Licensed Real Estate Agents, mortgage & property brokers;
* Licensed Construction Builders;
* Business Event Planners, Web Designers and Adv Specialists;

​​​​​Welcome to BC of Canada! Best Place in the World!

ADI&C GROUP will professionally assist you to success in  Canada. 




If you have large social connections between North America and Asia, or you have good local business networks, you might be qualified to be our agent to win the pleasure benefit. Let us work together to develope this global businesses and gain bonus and fund from it!​​

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